Ninja 2.1 Released

This September we have released Ninja 2.1 coming with new features, existing features improvement and Pega 7.4 compatibility. Be the first one to watch our cool video showing Ninja 2.1 in action, and stay tuned as Ninja 2.2 is on its way! Metrics Once delivery process is automated, it’s time to make it measurable for the […]

Ninja trial is now available in the cloud

Ninja changes the way Pega applications are delivered by providing unique tools for unit testing, code review, release automation and many more. Being so revolutionary, Ninja needed a simple way to be explored and evaluated in context of real-world projects one works on. We worked hard and now are happy to announce that recently we’ve […]

Ninja 1.5 Released

We are happy to announce that Ninja 1.5 was recently released! Pega 7.3 Compatibility Ninja 1.5 is fully compatible with Pega 7.3 platform and thoughtfully tested by more than 1k automated unit and functional tests running in a pipeline. Code Review Code Review was enriched with the following capabilities: Reviewing changes in branches. Integration with […]

Gaining confidence with comprehensive and continuous Pega 7 unit testing

Two years ago we started implementing a corporate loans application for one of the largest financial institutes of Russia and Eastern Europe. Since then the system has grown to the size of more than 32k rules and is now being developed by three independent teams producing about 4k check-ins per week. Working on this project was a great experience for everyone in our team […]