Ninja 2.1 Released

This September we have released Ninja 2.1 coming with new features, existing features improvement and Pega 7.4 compatibility. Be the first one to watch our cool video showing Ninja 2.1 in action, and stay tuned as Ninja 2.2 is on its way!


Once delivery process is automated, it’s time to make it measurable for the purpose of continuous improvement. Ninja 2.1 comes with Ninja Metrics – first class tool for measuring Pega applications. It gathers key health indicators of your Pega application and visualises them using industry leading Continuous Inspection tool.

Unit Testing

Ninja 2.1 introduces several significant improvements to Ninja Unit Testing:
  1. Ninja Unit Testing is now capable of capturing detailed rule coverage during test execution.
  2. It is now possible to automatically generate Java skeleton for your project, containing constants for Pega classes, rules etc. This feature reduces boilerplate and speeds up test development.
  3. Pega Tracer now shows special events for rules that have been mocked during test execution – this greatly increases traceability of unit tests during debug.

Code Review

Important enhancements were implemented in Ninja Code Review feature:
  1. Support for one more issue tracking system was added. You may now integrate with Team Foundation Server to provide task information during check-in.
  2. Rule History has been enhanced to provide task links to your Tracking System.
  3. Human readable text representation is now supported for more than 50 rule types.

Try Ninja

To try Ninja 2.1 please fill in the form below or contact us at info@pegadevops.com.

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