Adopt Pega DevOps with Ninja

Comprehensive devops toolchain for pega platform

Ninja Trial
is now available in the cloud
Ninja 2.4 Released
Real-time debugging and
smart mocking in Unit Tests
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Ninja 2.2 Released
Build and deliver your apps
faster with smart deploy and components

Rule Refactoring

Change quickly & confidently

Code Analysis

Automated best practices enforcement

Code Review

Share and review design decisions

Unit Testing

Test suites that verify continuously

Release Automation

Build & deploy automatically


Continuous inspection & improvement

What you get

Lower Time To Market

Routine Task Automation
Sustainable Release Management
Fewer Testing Cycles

Higher Quality

Automated Testing
Advanced Developer Tools
Exhaustive Code Inspection

Optimized Costs

Increased Team Productivity
Increased Bus Factor


Agile Enabled
DevOps Enabled

Brand new Pega delivery experience

Rule Refactoring

  • Enhanced rule dependencies analysis
  • Refactoring-aware rule search & navigation
  • Rule change notification subscription

Code Analysis

  • On-the-fly configuration quality inspection
  • 20+ intelligent rule checks
  • Enforced best practices & design policies
  • Seamless integration with Designer Studio

Code Review

  • Track list of changes for particular task
  • Rule changes available in diff-style format
  • Inline comments for specific changes like altered expressions, removed layouts, added steps etc.
  • Support for wide range of Issue Tracking and Code Review tools

Unit Testing

  • Full-fledged unit testing framework including stubbing and mocking rules
  • Support for wide range of rule types
  • Out-of-the-box integration with popular build servers
  • Ability to decompose and reuse test scenarios and data
  • Feasible tests ranging from trivial unit to complex integration

Release Automation

  • Automated build & deploy scripts
  • Build once, deploy anywhere
  • Integrated database & application server management scripts
  • QA/Stage/Production attributes customization

Continuous Delivery

  • Building, testing, deploying and releasing applications are pipelined
  • Problems are detected early and may be dealt with effectively
  • Quick, visible and sustainable delivery process with little to no human intervention
  • Ability to deploy any application version to any environment


  • Detailed code coverage
  • Maintainability, reliability and security ratings
  • Quality gate
  • Compare projects across the enterprise and identify quality trends

Feel interested?

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