Ninja 1.5 Released

We are happy to announce that Ninja 1.5 was recently released!

Pega 7.3 Compatibility

Ninja 1.5 is fully compatible with Pega 7.3 platform and thoughtfully tested by more than 1k automated unit and functional tests running in a pipeline.

Code Review

Code Review was enriched with the following capabilities:

  • Reviewing changes in branches.
  • Integration with JIRA to associate changes in Pega application with appropriate task in JIRA.
  • Review in Crucible is created and synchronize automatically according to issue status changes in JIRA.
  • Ninja comparison of two arbitrary rule versions right in Designer Studio.
  • Human readable text-based representation for 25+ new rules.
  • Use Bitbucket as a code review tool.

Release Automation

The following improvements were introduced to Release Automation:

  • Support for JBoss application server.
  • Support for multiple SQL dialects (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL).
  • Support for Ansible.

Rule Refactoring

As a part of rule refactoring feature you can search and open rules by pzInsKey.

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